What's your favorite food?

What's your favorite food?

What's your favorite food? When did you last eat it?

I LOVE culture and learning through food... OK I REALLY love food too #greedypeopleproblems 

Along my global travels I've learned:

Lamb tastes different in Greece.  

Greeks serve UNSALTED butter (a waste lol)

The Collard green looking veggie of Samoa makes my throat itch (that's a sorry for another day).

You idea of spicy "hot" may not be relative to the culture you are experiencing.

Nile cruises serve DELICIOUS meals!!!!!!!

Hibiscus Tea is served everywhere in Egypt

Always have fish from seaside locations - so fresh and delicious.

Try all the foods you'd never pay to TRY in a restaurant on a cruise.

Dubai and NYC are prepared to serve every palate.

Lebanese food is a hit almost everywhere.

Salad is my favorite but I cannot eat it everywhere on the planet.

What's your favorite food?