Are You Still Playing It Safe?

Are You Still Playing It Safe?

You want to try your hand at something new: entrepreneurship, exotic travel, elevated lifestyle, but it's safer to just dream about it without taking action.

My coach Dawnna St Louis took us 🪓 axe throwing, it was part of the edutainment portion of the FyreSavvy 10X Mastermind (co-hosted with my Social Media coach - more about her later).

This picture shows Dawnna returning to the throw line after picking up her tomahawk and me headed to the board to pry my axe from the bullseye ring.

What the pic doesn't show is me receiving instruction from the pro then hitting the top of the cage, rattling everyone in the building and almost taking out the flat screen. Then Dawnna came to throw with me as I missed the board completely or hit the board far from the center target.

The key is to trust the process, I could have sat on the sidelines and watched others throw, because honestly I've turned down axe throwing invitations before. I thought "Why would I put myself in danger for nothing?"... that's the play it safe governing system that keeps us from experiencing new things.

If I had not taken the chance to step to the line, I never would have known my throwing power, gotten pointers from the instructor or Dawnna, and never experienced the thrill of hitting the bullseye and celebrating with my coach.

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