Profitable Side Hustle Academy

This six-session online program will teach you how to turn your interests and skills into supplement income that can grow into a sustainable source of revenue will you still work fulltime and after retirement. Discover how to align your values with a strategy to create a lifestyle that reflects your future vision.

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Lifestyle Driven Income Guide

Can't decide which of your passion projects to focus on first? This powerful step-by-step guide will help you choose the best purpose and passion alignment possible to start supplementing your salary in 90 days following 5 easy steps. 

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THE INDULGE EXPERIENCE -For New Luxury Retreat Hosts

Introducing our exclusive Retreat Host Experience, specially curated for those venturing into the realm of luxury retreats for the first time. We understand that diving into this world can be daunting, which is why we're here to provide you with the guidance and expertise you need to shine right from the start.

JUST REST!!! - The Ultimate Luxe, Leisure, and Lineage Retreat for Seasoned Ladies of the African Diaspora

Yes, we've built this, but we can rest now. Acknoledge all of the ways the ancestors have upheld a standard so that we could hold space that they could only dream of. Rest is a requirement not a recommendation. Join us as we involke the practice and enjoy our history.


Take your side hustle to levels that rival full time business with our intensive three-day Mansion Retreat. Gain expert insights, craft messaging that resonates, and create a dynamic promo video that showcases your brand. With our guidance and support, you'll be empowered to secure your financial freedom, doing what you love.

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