Entrepreneurial Test Kitchen -   May 18-21 Orlando FL

Entrepreneurial Test Kitchen - May 18-21 Orlando FL

Do you have an idea that you THINK is a money maker but aren't quite sure?

What if you had the opportunity bounce your business idea off of experts who have been where you are and like-minded women on a similar journey to whip up the perfect recipe for a product or service that your future clients can't resist?


Get all of the attention you need in this small cohort designed for black women who are ready to revalue themselves along with their talent and skills to build their own business doing what they love.

Carve out 4 days to focus on what you really want for your life while you test and refine your idea BEFORE your launch your business.

IF you're ready to build a solid foundation to effortlessly transition into your purpose aligned second act and have more fulfillment. 

Then apply for one of the 2023 spots for Should-Be Entrepreneurs to create a viable lifestyle driven business so you can have more fulfillment, less regret, and create an impactful legacy.

Yes, I'm Ready Turn My Business Idea Into A Money Maker  

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